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What's red and then green? Frog in a blender.
What is worthless to one but priceless to two? Love.
I can fill a room or just one heart, but I cannot be shared, what am I? Loneliness.
I am lighter than a feather yet no man can hold me long, what am I? Breath.
The rich want me, the poor have me and if you eat me, you'll die. What am I? Nothing.
I have numbers on my face but 13 no place, what am I? A clock.
I am everything to someone but nothing to everybody else, what am I? Your mind.

Unbearable Beauty

If only you could see yourself
Through my own eyes
Then maybe you could see the you
That I desire

9/19/22: changed site icon, added my social links to sidebar (bottom)
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9/16/22: re-did the homepage. I think I like the crafty lookof it, its childish- like in a good way
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